Athletics Philosophy
Excellence Christian School students at the Elementary and Middle School levels have many opportunities to participate in interscholastic athletic events. There are several teams in each sport for every student and we are in the process of adding more.

Excellence emphasizes to our players that they are student athletes. Over the years our athletic program has grown and our players play at a competitive level. Our school is a member of the Greater Washington Christian Athletic Conference.
Athletics Program
Athletics 2019-2020 Registration Forms
Fall Sports:
Elementary School - Co-ed Soccer
Middle School - Boys Soccer; Girls Soccer
Winter Sports:
Elementary School - Boys Basketball; Girls Basketball
Middle School - Boys Basketball; Girls Basketball
Spring Sports:
Elementary School - Co-ed Flag Football, Track & Field
Middle School - Boys Flag Football; Girls Flag Football, Track & Field
Year Round Sports:
Cheerleading - All Ages
Dance - All Ages
Karate - All Ages
ECS Athletics
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